You may heard about various scams in the media regarding the people those who lost money in placing bets on the games. But those are different they lost their money by placing bets on the games with some other people. By hearing this some people got to one understanding that all of them will loss money if they place bets on the games. But you will change your opinion once you place bets in 188bet as this is one of the trusted website which will genuinely repay you if you win the money. You can earn as much amount you can and they will repay you whatever the amount that you win. Irrespective of the time you can place bets on this application where the game happening is the key factor. Even though there are no games that are happening you don’t need to worry there are some other games like casino and slot games where you can win money in very short time. The returns in this gam s also high and if you hit jackpot round the returns that you will get are huge.

How can you recover the amount that you have lost through betting.

  • If you loss money in this website there are many ways to recover the lost money. You have to be attentive while the game is happening so that you can recover the loosing amount for about some percentage.
  • offers you option like cash out option if you are going to win or loss. If you are in winning stage they will offer you the amount higher than you placed and some little less amount than the actual amount that you are going to win.
  • If you are winning stage and you feel that you will definitely win then there is no need to withdraw the amount. But this option is very helpful for the persons those who are going to loose.
  • If you are going to loose your bet you can withdraw the amount that is less than the actual amount that you have placed. This will reduce your amount from kissing and you can place this amount in the winning bet.
  • So partially you can recover some amount and it is better to loss some money rather than loosing while money. You can deposit money at any time and it will take couple of minutes to deposit in your account.
  • If there is any problem in the bank accounts that you want to do transactions they will clearly mention the details through the notification. It is better to avoid such type of transactions so that your amount won’t be struck through the transaction.
  • Even if your amount get struck in between they will help you in retrieving back you money by contacting with bank and they will give updates regarding the transaction. This is the best feature that you can appreciate.


If you play wisely you can win huge amounts all you need to do is play carefully.